Best Chicago Website Design and Graphic Design, SSmall Business

Your website is the hub for your business. It is where all of your marketing starts and comes back to so it is imperative that your visual branding be impeccable and that your SEO is in a great place. We design SEO optimized websites on both the WordPress and Squarespace platforms, depending on the goals and needs of a client.

Time is the biggest commodity for all of us as businesses on digital. If we can’t capture the attention of the user within 5 seconds, they will hit that back button (the most used command button on the internet). It is our job to make sure that the user knows what you do, why you do it and why they should do it with you in 5 seconds and then to further convince and convert them as they move through your site.



We make sure that your websites accomplish the following:

·        We deliver your message in a short, concise, digestible way.

·        We make sure that you have CTA’s (calls to action) in the proper areas of your website to encourage users to take action and know what to do next.

·        We include all the trust building elements that will convince and convert the user, including certifications, testimonials and a phone number that will actually connect them to a real person who can assist them.

·        Through or blogging and content management services we make sure that your site is up to date in terms of trends and Google algorithms as well leveraging SEO to capture the interest of users who are searching the internet for what they are searching for.

·        We integrate relevant social media platforms on your site, making it easy for the user to share your contact and create digital word of mouth.

·        We begin with SEO in mind and integrate it all through your site. on both the front and back end to maximize your chances of being found by people who are looking for what you sell.

·        We keep your messaging consistent and pointed at your target audience.

·        We will monitor how your site is performing in terms of your conversion rate, bounce rate and organic search ranking so we can tweak as necessary and make changes to keep your site performing well on all levels.

·        We optimize your site for mobile. Online search is becoming more about mobile so if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you are simply degrading your brand and working against potential sales.

*Examples available upon request.