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That’s right. It’s 2017, Chicago friends. This means it’s time to start realizing that “social media” is just another term for THE INTERNET. And if you haven’t noticed, THE INTERNET sells things. Well, they had to give it a name of some sort. And this name will most likely change over time. Stop focusing on the name and shooting yourself in the foot by not being there. What’s funny is the negative connotation that “social media” has to some business owners.


This is one of the first questions potential clients ask, and they ask it over and over. We will get back to the answer, but first a more important question to ask is “What is the ROI of the more traditional forms of marketing (print, radio, billboards, etc) you have been using or dream to use one day because you fancy that if you can just get that one big radio spot or Comcast cable commercial, one of these will serve as your BIG BREAK?”

Ready for some tough love? There is NO big break, their is only putting your marketing budgets into human beings instead of automation and advertising machines in order to set up your legacy. This take depth and frequency and ONLY happens over time. No one doubles their sales over night or in two week or in two months. Don’t even start looking into a potential ROI for at least 120 days after starting a 2017-centric marketing plan.

You know who should be using traditional media? BIG companies who have already proven themselves time and time again just to maintain brand awareness and flex that they are the big boys. Yet, this doesn’t absolve them from marketing via social media, or digital marketing or whatever you choose to think of it as. They still have to work just as hard as we do to be their own media companies and actually keep the customers interested and involved.

Marketing is about stacking. This means showing up in the most valuable places first, based on your budget, getting it right there and then stacking on the next best platforms as budget allows. So you see, going for the big bucks and less effective platforms FIRST is an absolutely insane idea for a growing business.

Here’s the truth about traditional marketing. The metrics and data that they provide to sell you on their services SUCK! No joke. A company trying to sell you billboard placements will tell you that someone with a clicker sits and counts the number of cars racing by and this is how they know how many people are seeing your ads. This is only a partial truth. What they conveniently leave out is that most drivers in the cars that they “click” ARE NOT LOOKING AT THE BILLBOARDS! They are more likely looking at their phones (though they should be looking at the roads – Please be careful out there, folks)!

Companies trying to sell you newspaper or magazine ads can tell you how many subscribers they have but there is absolutely no possible way for them to tell you that a certain number of sets of relevant eyes will DEFINITELY view your very pricey ad.

And cable companies selling you commercial spots can seduce you with information about when your target customers are watching cable, yet they will conveniently leave out the fact that most people fast forward commercials (given the option) or grab their mobile devices to check Facebook or Twitter (or whatever social platform you want to insert) once a commercial comes on that cannot be FF’d!

The metrics and data provided via social/digital are worlds beyond this. If you pay us X amount of $ to run ads on social, we can tell you how many impressions you got for your budget, meaning how many people actually SAW your ad, the number of clicks and amount of engagement your ads got and in most cases what kinds of digital conversions occurred because of your ad. And if you are doing your job on your end and tracking where calls, leads and sales are coming from, you can get it all down to a near exact science.

“So what’s the ROI of social media?” you ask? That, my friends is largely determined by you and your willingness to move your marketing dollars into digital, giving us time to test out content and strategy, to actually listen to your users and to ultimately build rapport and trust with them. Sure, it takes time and budget but it is a hell of a lot cheaper way to actually reach more people, providing them with more upfront value and actually getting them to care about your company or service or brand.

Want to know what the biggest commodity is today in the business world? It’s time. Everyone wants what they want, the way they want it and if they don’t get it based on their own TIME structures and standards, they will seek out a better solution that is easier to find that provides them with even more value, right out of the gates. This means we must capture the attention of the user very quickly. No longer can you just shout at people about how great your product is or why their lives are going to be so much better if they would just buy your widget.

Without humanity and depth, you are never going to find out what the ROI of social media is. Without this, you are just applying traditional marketing approaches to 2017 digital platforms. Simply distributing old school “ads” will make people quickly tune out. Yep, marketing is harder than it used to be. We all have to deal or simply lose.

We approach social/digital as it should be approached; in a native sense. Native, meaning that users are on different digital platforms for different reasons and we have to give them want they want, where they are that moment and not just distribute the same content across many platforms.

People align with certain tribes and communities on these platforms and it is our job to infiltrate these communities and tribes, learn how to speak their language and ultimately become part of them so that when we start to share our excitement about your product, they are that much more receptive to learning about it, trying it and ultimately being believers/customers for life.

The name of the game is long form, legacy marketing and it’s the only game that is going to amount to longevity and customers for life.