Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Firm Chicago

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) 

Search engines (Google) reward sites that provide visitors with engaging experiences and valuable content. Any business that is trying to grow should be craftily getting their website in front of as many eyes as possible. Our SEO experts work to make this happen for you by:

·        Optimizing Your Keyword Rankings

·        Targeting and Boosting More Qualified Traffic

·         Feeding Search Engines What they Want to Digest

Maintaining your organic ranking is a labor of love and a legacy driven effort. We work at it day by day to keep you at the top via:

·        Initial Website Audit for  Ongoing Strategy Development

·        Keyword Research and Management

·        Ongoing Meta Data Updates and Changes

·        Overall Content Consultation and Revisions

·        Content Writing and Blog Management

·        Internal Text Link Review and Updates

·        Set up and Management of Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools

·        Search Engine Ranking & Overall Progress Reports

Several factors determine where Google will index and list websites in their organic results.  These factors include:

1.   Your current competitors

2.   The age of your web domain

3.   The amount of legitimate inbound links back to your website

4.   The overall quality of the content on your website

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is a long term commitment and labor of love. We work with you in the long term to keep you in business for years to come while we all watch and celebrate your flash-in-the-pan competitors lose.