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PR (Public Relations)

Along with a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, PR ( public relations ) has the power to reach a large, yet targeted audience at the specific moments you have news worthy stories or announcements. PR can give your brand or company a potent platform and shine to really validate your Chicago business.

We use the most up-to-date media lists adhering to current PR standards and craft custom, strategic public relations initiatives at precisely the right times to best position your brand for visibility and success. Here is a quick look at 5 of the most valuable potential outcomes of PR:

1. Validation & Credibility

In this day and age, the consumer needs a lot more convincing than they did once upon a time. PR by itself or digital advertising by itself just won’t cut it, anymore. Consumers now need more than 11 points of digital reference (and growing) before making a purchase.

While our ongoing digital marketing efforts continually build trust with your audience our PR efforts serve as the cherry on top, adding that public credibility and validation via well-established media platforms.

Studies show that public relations can multiply credibility and consumer validation X7 in conjunction with branding efforts executed via digital.

2. Target Your Market Audience

Do you have a niche product or service? No problem. We can help place your stories right in front of your target customers. We will calibrate if it is more useful to aim towards larger media platforms and cast a wider net, if we should concentrate on more niche blogs and entities that speak more directly to your audience or if it is a mix of both that will give you the biggest bang for your PR buck.

3. Efficient for Your Marketing Budget

*PR is expensive. *It is expensive if you are attacking PR on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Here’s the real deal truth:  If you are Pepsi or Coke or Porsche or any massive company, sure go nuts with PR and “big, sexy, in-the-moment” and more fleeting approaches like commercials and print ads on a regular basis. Those companies have DEEP pockets. If you are a larger small business or even a smaller medium sized business, do you really think that would be the right approach?

The cheapest and smartest way is to build trust with your audience day by day via digital in order to bolster our PR initiatives when you strategically need to implement them. For small-mid sized businesses, PR and traditional marketing needs to be approached in a very grounded and smart sense. This is what we do for you.

4. Legacy Lead Generation Approach

While digital (social) presence will be your day to day anchor, there are some long lasting effects of PR. After your initial burst of interest and leads, your media placements will serve as little gifts to your business down the line, sometimes when least expected or most needed.  When the time comes that a business needs your services, essentially in a “buying state of mind” and finds your PR, you will stand out and be that much more impressive than your competition who never craftily approached PR. Get it? 
5. Relevancy and Bright Shiny Object Approach

People gravitate towards bright shiny objects, naturally. PR does exactly that, it shines the light right on you, increasing your attraction power many times over. At the end of the day, let’s just say it builds that image that people want to get their hands on. Of course, all hype without help will only last for so long. That is why we are here to help you help your customers (and potential customers) view you as drug that will be hard to shake if they have to do without you.