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Paid Social Media Advertising Management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIN currently offer paid advertising products that offer the best pay-per-click pricing since the beginning of GOOGLE Adwords. But instead of these ads appearing in a Google search, where the user has to find them because they are already in a buying state of mind, these ads appear right in the news feeds of these digital platforms where people are checking in all day long to see what’s cool, hip, funny, educational, etc.

This gives you as a business owner a magnificent chance to creatively show up and tell a story that satisfies anyone of these thirsts that a user could have.


Paid digital advertising is the most potent way to build a relevant and targeted audience for your business. It is the most effective way to stand out in a very noisy internet  and like it or not, the algorithms on the big social platforms naturally favor paid ads/posts over organic ones.

Social ads are still surprisingly underused medium where your audience is, mostly because businesses are confused about how to execute them within each platform. Considering how efficient and effective these ads are, this give you as the business owner massive land grab opportunities! NICE.

While there is massive opportunity with Facebook and Twitter paid ads for any business, don’t forget that Instagram is already in their beta testing phase for paid ads. Why is this good? Instagram has almost 60 X more brand engagement than Facebook & 120 X more than Twitter. The largest group there is millennials and they are essentially the next generation who will be buying.


Multiple clients taking Twitter paid ads services with us are at  1/10 of a cent per 1,000 impressions or (CPM). Average CPM for digital advertising is $1. Traditional marketing platforms such as billboards, print and cable commercials can’t even begin to compare with this pricing, not to mention that those platforms have broken metrcis systems based on vague, highly questionable data.

Multiple clients taking Facebook paid ads services with us getting clicks to their website as low as $0.01 – $0.03 cents. Good luck getting those numbers with Google Adwords in competitive markets.