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Online Reputation Management

Are you getting negative reviews on YELP, GOOGLE+ and other digital platforms and feeling helpless about what to do about it? Finding & addressing negative reviews and/or comments across digital platforms can feel crushing.

Online negativity spreads quickly. Online reactions and reviews (good, bad or in between) affect how people look at your business and ultimately decide to reach out to you or not.

We manage brand specific online search results to counter reputation damaging strategies of competitors, difficult clients and disgruntled customers who use the internet to target clients’ online reputations.


·        Social media is public, simple and plain. Everyone and anyone can both say anything and read what is said 24/7, 365 days a year.

·        People who share like opinions quickly become aware of others who share their thoughts. This can compound quickly and really damage the reputation of a business.

·        Let’s face it, bad news is more popular and viral than good news. That is exactly the kind of news we don’t want out there.


·        Creating online profiles and assets that push down negative links to pages 2 and 3 of Google search results for the business name.

·        Development of positive online content that promotes the client’s brand and reputation.

·        Sourcing and promoting positive feedback from satisfied clients and brand partners and a variety of website administrator strategies like disavowing links in from negative reviews, posts and profiles that seek to damage a client’s brand.

Over time, our strategy and execution of the above elements work to offset all of the negativity that is already out there. This is a legacy effort and labor of love. The longer you avoid it, the longer it will take to remedy and reverse the situation. Let’s talk right away about how we are going to get you back on top of the internet and shining bright once again!