·        The brain processes images 60 thousand times faster than text

·        Approx 15 % of internet users (an growing) use Instagram

·        From December of 2013 to May of 2014, Instagram users growth was 25% (that’s only 6 months!)

·        More than 75 million people use Instagram every day and growing

·        Instagram was purchased by a little company called Facebook. Ever heard of them? Instagram is the next Facebook. Period.

We live in the most visual-centric era ever. Attention spans are short. People are smart and know when they are looking at stock photos because they have most likely seen them before used by other companies. Want to set yourself apart and establish your brand? Use real photos.

We’ll help you develop your Instagram strategy and plan for what kinds of photos we will take as well as when and how they will be used. Let us delve into the hashtag rich culture for your company and find your audience, testing imagery to find out exactly what your customers want to see and serve that to them in the most native platform for photo marketing in existence.

Our Results

·        By using real photography, we have increased engagement with content as much as 25-30% for clients

·        By using real photography for paid social ads, we have seen pay-per-click $ decrease as much as 35-50%