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Crowdfunding Project Marketing

(Kickstarter, Indiegogo)

WIKIPEDIA states that “Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet.” This is true, but increasing your chances of getting your project funded means treating crowdfunding as the ultimate test market. If you approach funding your dream business or product via crowdfunding, you must understand that it will be a labor of love and require tons of flexibility and nimbleness from day to day and week to week of the project.


1.   Public Relations Management: We develop strategic media outreach to educate potential crowdfunding investors about the uniqueness of the opportunity and the potential for success in the marketplace. The number of PR campaigns depends on many variable including project goals and the current state of client’s digital visibility.

2.   Email Marketing Management: We galvanize the current client contact list (s) and develop further contacts to create grass roots interest in the crowdfunding Initiative

3.   Social Promotion:  Social media promotion is a vital part of any crowdfunding campaign. We create and disseminate relevant content and engage communities via existing client social channels before and after the crowdfunding campaign to update and educate the online community as to project developments as they occur.

4.   Visual Assets:  Projects often benefit from informative infographics to add to both the email marketing and crowdfunding campaigns. These visuals quickly educate the audience about your market, your innovative approach and the possible benefits of investment.

5.   Project Video: No crowdfunding project is complete without a video. A video is a great way to tell your story, thus establishing more trust and validity with potential backers. Projects account pages that include a video are 66 % more likely to yield backing than those that don’t. We craft, capture and deliver your campaign’s custom video.


The simple answer is no. Crowdfunding is not for everyone. It is often confused as an “easy money” route when, in reality, no such route exists. There are many variables that may make a project a project suitable or unsuitable for us to take on. A thorough review of your potential project will be performed before the project is taken on. If the project does not qualify, you will receive a transparent review of why we cannot take the project on as well as suggestions of how to better position it or more potent routes to take.


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