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When you create and publish your website, think of it as a tree that you just planted. You want to take care of it and get it to grow as strong as possible. You want it to look resilient and healthy so that it it attracts all of the right kinds of life so that it works in harmony with its ecosystem.

Every time you create a great blog article or add a utility driven page of your content, these are branches that are added to the tree to attract customers.


1.   SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Goodness – Google likes to digest new, relevant content. A great way to give the king of all search engines what it craves it to create blog posts. Creating new content like this on a regular basis increases your chances of indexing and appearing when your potential customers plug in the keywords that your blogging covers.

2.   You Can Bring Potential Customer Right to You By Giving them What they Are Looking For – Think about it, people search for answers and solutions online. So why not have the answers ready and waiting so that users don’t go looking elsewhere first? By creating this kind of content, you are essentially saying to the user that, “I get you and understand where you are coming from, so here are the answers to make your life easier.”

3.   Be The Industry Leader – Expert information goes a long way to position you as a leader. Build your tribe by becoming a leader via your blog. Over time, your tribe will grow. Want an affordable way to compete with larger competitors that you’d eventually like to overthrow? Start your blog yesterday.

4.   Connect With People on a Deeper Level – Blog articles let you to show a personal side of your company and better understand WHY you do what you do. In this day and age, the WHY is just as important as stating WHAT you do. People crave depth and human engineered efforts, not automated hype. Blog content lets the user know exactly where you are coming from as a company and that you actually care about their needs, thus growing trust.

5.   Share-able Content = Digital Word-Of-Mouth – When you create a piece of content and publish it on your blog, it stands the chance to get noticed by readers who may share it across their chosen digital and social platforms. Who knows how many people they are connected to? What if their friend chooses to read your article? What if they like it and share it with their communities? Get it? Good!

We create original, relevant blog content as well as audit websites in their current state and then create additional content to optimize websites for SEO and Google’s ever changing algorithms.

Whether you need a modest blog effort or a robust, ongoing content management solution, we will craft the perfect service package for you.