Chicago Law Firm Marketing Success Case Study


Industry: Legal, law.

Client Challenges & Needs: Chicago based firm, Legal Ally provides small business legal services, focusing on serving women and the LGBT community. Steve Smith, principal of Legal Ally approached us for a solution to create branding including a professional logo, business website as well as a business card for the launch of his new firm. He had a specific balance that he wanted to achieve in terms of aesthetic, color and appeal for the target market.

Solution: Through our correspondence we were able to pinpoint the look and feel that the client was hoping for. We provided an initial array of design options to consider and worked through edits and drafts until we came to the logo that the client was happy with. From there, we gave the client premium WordPress theme options to choose from to represent the firm. Upon finding the perfect theme fit, we then built an SEO optimized WordPress business website styled with the company colors and aesthetic.

Results: Armed with a professional website to move forward with, the client has continued to work with us on website updates as well as an additional business card tailored to the client coaching services.

Testimonial: "I was extolling your virtues to a colleague the other day. Thanks for all of your great work." -Steve Smith, Attorney

Client Website: