3 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Google Local Listing

If you are a business that is trying to improve its visibility on Google, the best thing you can do is supply it with the most accurate information possible. When a person in your area searches for products like yours, it is best to have your business information listed in your Google Local page so that when the search results page returns options, your business appears prominently.

To do so, here are 3 easy ways to make that happen:

1) Make sure your business information is correct and complete

Having the wrong address listed will result in the wrong location appearing on the map of your page. Double-check to make sure your zip code or suite number is listed correctly.
Post your official website on your page. This is not only good SEO, creating a back-link to your site, but will improve your page’s appearance in search results.
You also have the option to list payment options (cash, credit, etc.) in your listing. Be sure to list any special payment options or limitations you might have (don’t include American Express if you don’t accept it.)

You can also list your business hours. This is becoming more and more important as Google is getting better at including this information in search results.

2) Choose the Correct Categories for Your Business

In your Google listing, you are given the option to choose what categories you will appear in in Google search results. It is best to choose the categories that are most accurate to your business. If you’re a donut shop, do you really want to be surrounded by listings for sports equipment stores?

Go down the list of suggestions that Google provides and pick the best fit. You also have the option to create your own category if none apply. That can be helpful as you may have niche business that then has low competition in search results!

3) Do Some Fact Checking

Google your business name. In the results that appear, is your business information accurate? Does it match your Google listing? If not, try to contact that website and make a correction.
You can also get your site listed on other directories, such as Foursquare, Yahoo!, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, all for free! These all create an accurate portrayal of your business online, AND create good SEO with back-links to your site.

You can also encourage visitors to your store to write a review on your Google local listing page. This is fast becoming a more important sign by visitors of the trustworthiness of your website and services. These also are a signal to Google’s algorithm that you are an authority on your specific field. After a purchase, or an email sign up on your website, add an automated message thanking the person for their purchase and include a link to your local page. Ask the person to leave a kind word.

These simple steps can help you to appear more frequently in search results pages for the categories you wish to appear, as well as better promote your business to new visitors. The best part is that it is easy and free. So do yourself a favor and start the process today.