PPC 101: What is Google Adwords Advertising and Is It Right for Your Small Business?

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You may have heard of this term before, or similar terms, like search engine marketing or search engine management. It may, however, still be a concept you don’t understand. If that’s the case, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to advertise your business online. Let us give you the primer on pay per click advertising, and why you might want to add it to your marketing efforts.

So what is PPC?

1)      It is traffic to your website.

At its basic level, it is a wave of traffic that is brought to your site through search engines like Google and Bing. It is different from what is referred to as “organic” traffic because you are “purchasing” these visits to your site.

2)      How does it work?
When you choose to use PPC advertising, you set up a campaign that includes keywords that reflect your products and services that you want visitors to purchase. These keywords are terms that your potential customers will use to find similar services in a Google search.
In order to get traffic for these terms, you would place monetary bids on these keywords. You would bid on these terms because it is a competitive market with other advertisers bidding on your terms as well. These terms, when entered by a Google searcher, activate your ads to appear.

That’s right. You would build ads in your campaign that appeal to and entice visitors to click and then visit your website. At this point, if your website is optimized for these visitors, they should then complete a desired action on your site (buys a product, fill out a contact form, etc.).

Seems like a lot of work? It is. But it could very well be worth the effort for your particular business. Because it works, and has worked for as long as search engines have been allowing advertising on their networks. Why?

3)      It is traffic that is more likely to convert.

That’s right. Paid traffic is more likely to convert because these are QUALIFIED LEADS. That means that your keywords MATCH their buying intent, and the visitor is more likely to complete a conversion on your site because they are FINDING WHAT THEY NEED QUICKLY.

Let’s try an example. A person who has a website selling bike helmets decides that they need advertising. So they set up a campaign and choose to bid on terms like “need a bike helmet,” “bike helmet for sale,” “cool bike helmets on sale,” and the like. A searcher enters a similar term or that term exactly into Google, and the ad appears. The person clicks, finds what he needs and a sale is made.

You might be thinking, well that is okay, but why should I bother spending money like that. This is why:

4)      It is advertising that you can track directly to the creation of revenue.
If you spent money on print ads, flyers, posters, commercials on radio or billboards, you are taking a “shotgun” approach to advertising. You spray the world with your message and hope it translates into sales in your store. I’m sure you’ve felt the frustration. Where is my money going?

PPC allows you to be surgical with your ad spend. You can make tailored messages that reflect your unique offerings. You can put them directly in front of customers who intend to buy items such as yours. You can use the amazing tracking and reporting that advertising systems give you to track a sale and revenue all the way back to the term that WAS FIRST ENTERED INTO THE SEARCH ENGINE, which gives you even more insight into how your products are being found.

The best part: you can do this, for a just a few dollars for each visitor. Sometimes, depending on the item, you could get traffic for change of a dollar. Doesn’t that seem to make more sense?

5)      So how do I go about this? How do I make this happen for me?
Hire a professional digital marketer. You wouldn’t hire a clown to fix a leaky faucet. So why would you hire anyone else other than a professional marketer to advertise for you and drive revenue?

A digital marketer will be able to build and operate a pay per click campaign faster and more effectively than you or a person on your staff. This is because they have the experience, time and skill to optimize for conversion and get the most out of your advertising dollars. They will be able to work with you to make better decisions on your campaign and gain better results.
What is pay per click? It is immediate traffic that converts. It is an advertising investment. It is a tool to help sell your products. It is an essential component of your online advertising. It is a tool that professionals can use to help you grow your business.

Pay Per Click is not right for every businesses for a number of reasons. We don’t like having our clients spend their marketing budgets on services that aren’t relevant or potentially fruitful for them. Wondering if PPC advertising is right for your small Chicago business?

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