Chicago Accounting Firm / CPA Marketing Success Case Study

Best Chicago Accounting Firm and CPA Marketing

Industry: Accounting, Tax & Financial Services

Client Challenges & Needs: John approached us, dissatisfied with the ultimate performance of a pricey direct mail campaign as well as a request to take a deeper look into his current marketing efforts to see what could be accomplished.

Solution: After an audit of John’s past marketing efforts, we saw a huge opportunity on craigslist. We took John from having one ad running that was text-only to several branded/polished ads running at once that spoke to and better positioned the full gamut of his services as well as established a social media presence which had not previously been leveraged.

Results: Aided in doubling John’s sales from the previous year.

Testimonial: “I have been slowly but steadily growing a CPA practice in Chicago for the past four years. For the first few years, I engaged an out-of state marketing consultant who guided me in producing large direct mail campaigns and door to door flyer distribution. These methods were cost effective at first, although massively time consuming. And recently, their effect has been waning. I determined that a more progressive and fresh approach was needed. I heard great things about Jeremy Glickstein from a mutual client. His approach to online advertising and social media had tremendously improved traffic for this client so I decided to give him a try.Working with Jeremy is a pleasure. He is a ball of energy and takes full ownership in his role in getting my message out there. He designed, implemented and continues to maintain an expansive craigslist campaign for my firm. Furthermore, he revolutionized my business Facebook presence and got me on humming on Yelp as well. In the past month, I have secured nearly $7,000 in new business directly related to Jeremy’s efforts at a cost of only $1,600. I highly recommend his services to everybody except other Chicago CPAs!” -John J. Griffin, CPA

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