Chicago Handyman & Electrician Marketing Success Case Study

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Industry: Service, Electrician & Handyman

Client Challenges & Needs: Punch List approached us after a once fruitful Google Adwords Pay per Click campaign took a severe downward spiral and a hiring a freelance marketing gun who was hard to get a hold off and not creating a return on investment.

Solution: Recognizing that trends were changing and that eyes had moved to mobile and social, Punch List sensed that content marketing was the way to go. After an audit of past efforts we proposed and launched a 3-prong attack:

1) The client expressed an interest in eventually expanding to other markets in the Illinois area as well as nationally. We immediately implemented a re-branding of the company visual identity developing an agency quality look and feel to represent the kind of growth they were looking to achieve.

2) We implemented a native social media plan, quickly growing the client fan base more than 1000% in the first month of service and directly linking client to several thousands of dollar in sales in the following months.
3) We built a robust content package, consisting of 12 utility based blog posts per month, leveraging Youtube with promotional videos, commercials & video client testimonials as well as hit the streets for a good, old fashioned canvassing efforts, linking client to several thousand more in sales.

OUR CREATIVE for Punch List

Punch List Motion Graphics Business Trailer:

Punch List Video Customer Testimonial:


 Punch List Commercial:


Results: ROI of 150% gain, ever increasing visibility across digital platforms & we have consistently kept Punch List on page 1 of Google organic search via our content and SEO efforts.
Testimonial: “We were super impressed right away. Our social media following increased over 1000%. Jeremy has added money to our bottom line. It’s exciting to see that from your investment. If there is one thing I could recommend to businesses in Chicago or anywhere, it would be to pick up the phone and call Jeremy!” – Jim Copenhaver, Owner of Punch List

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