The Art of the Self Audit for Small Businesses

Chicago Small Business Marketing Tips

Do you own a small business or start-up? Are you an entrepreneur? Do you still feel like you are missing the target with your messaging, branding and marketing (or lack thereof)?

Ok now forget about yourself for just a little bit. Don’t think about your business as yourself. Become the customer (not your pre-determined version or idealized version of the perfect customer).

In fact, simply think about things as if you were someone shopping for their favorite material possession.

Now take a good, long look at your digital efforts. Let’s start with your website since it is, for all intents and purposes, your online storefront. For now, just take note of how it looks and makes you feel as you soak it in.

Once you have given each page a good look, open another window and look at a website or 2 of businesses who are at the absolute top of your industry. Do the same thing.

Soak in each page and take note of why you are attracted (or not attracted) to the site.

Once you are done with that go back to your site and ask yourself the following questions:

1.   Does my site look as good/valid/visually appealing as the top players in my industry?

2.   When I look at my site, do I quickly know and understand exactly what it is that the business or service provides?

3.   Do I quickly get an impression that this business is legit and provides both quality and has a history of results and happy customers?

4.   What is already solid about my site, what can I do that my competition does to make my site better and what are things that I can do on my site that my competition isn’t doing that will help me build a moat around my business, add value and differentiate me?

5.   If I were interested enough in talking to this business, is there a clear way for me to get in touch, sign up for more information and find this business on social platforms to learn more about how they work?

Speaking of social, once you have gone through this exercise with website, you can apply the same principles to social platforms.

It’s no mystery that social media is here to stay and an immensely important channel for companies to provide extra value and be human beings with their customers. Do the same thing there.

Take a look at the best in your industry. Take note of what their social media looks, tastes & sounds like. How does it make you feel? What can you do that is similar and how can you put your own spin on it. What can you do that is better?

I have learned that the path to growth and more depth, in the success sense often starts with just getting sick of the current state of things and moving from there.

Most of the time, it comes down to either completely wiping the drawing board clean and starting over or simply making little tweaks here and there that make a WORLD of difference.

A good long look in the mirror can be a great reality check…If you want it to be. It’s never too late to makes things better.

Did you actually try this? What happened, any epiphanies? I want to know. Email me: