Chicago Marketing Solutions is one of the most respected small business marketing firms in Chicago since 2013.

As an actor, Jeremy has appeared on such prestigious Chicago stages as Steppenwolf Theatre and Timeline Theatre. As a marketer, he started freelance consulting in 2012 with the mission to humanize Chicago businesses and add higher value to their brands. Demand for his services grew at an alarming rate.

It quickly became clear that the business was scaling. Accordingly, Jeremy started coordinating a team of freelance Chicago creatives and marketing professionals, combining forces with a mission to become a one-stop, creative marketing shop for Chicago businesses. In the short span of 10 months, his firm was born and we are proud to announce that we just celebrated our 4th year as a Chicago marketing consultancy.

We work with our clients to extract all of their value propositions and highlight them via creative storytelling across digital platforms. We love social media because it sells things. We market in the year that we are living in, honoring the trends and standards of the moment. We make sure that businesses are seen and heard where the eyes and ears are.

Right now, the eyes and ears are on mobile devices. We work with you there to make sure your story is told impeccably, that you capture the users’ attention by providing value upfront in a very noisy digital world. We then help you scale those relationships to build trust and ultimately build customers for life. 2017 means long-form, legacy driven marketing. It’s what we do. You, me and my team work together.

8 Reasons to Work With Us

1.   Via our digital marketing efforts, we aided our CPA client in tripling his 1st quarter sales from the same quarter of the previous year

2.   Via our digital marketing efforts, we aided our Drum & Piano teacher client in tripling his client list in just 3 months of service. 

3.   Via our digital marketing efforts, we aided nationally distributed Apple Sauce company, Mullen Foods in getting 135% funded for the crowd funding campaign we created and carried out. 

4. ROI of 150% gain for a handyman/electrician client.  Consistently keep client on page 1 of Google organic search results for the search “chicago handyman” via our blogging and SEO efforts. 

5.   Social media efforts consistently increase client social following 500-800% within just 1-2 months.

6.   On multiple occasions, we have helped break ‘clicks per day’ records on client websites (without the use of pay-per-click advertising).

7.   Our email marketing campaigns consistently perform at higher success rates than industry averages.

8.   We actually market where the eyes and ears are today (mobile/digital).